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Electrical Panel Services in Dracut 

Panel Installation, Repair & Replacement in Greater Dracut 

TF Electric understands the frustration of encountering electrical problems. When the problem involves the electrical panel, our licensed electricians can identify the problem and determine if your panel needs a repair or upgrade. We install, replace, and repair electrical panels in Dracut and the Greater Dracut area to provide the right solution to every problem. 

If your electrical panel needs attention, call (978) 307-8094 for an appointment. 

Safe, Functional Electrical Panels

The main electrical panel contains the circuit brakers that supply electricity to everything in your home, from the light switches to the HVAC system. A problem with the electrical panel or an outdated panel can cause problems throughout the electrical system. In some cases, a malfunction in the electrical panel can create a safety hazard. 

The electrical panels in older homes were designed for a time when homes had fewer appliances and electronics. These panels may not be sufficient to supply power to safely meet the demands of modern technology. Additionally, older panels may not meet today’s safety requirements and should be replaced. 

An electrical panel may need to be upgraded when:

  • The panel is more than 25-30 years old 
  • Breakers trip frequently 
  • The box has fuses instead of circuit breakers 
  • You don’t have enough outlets 
  • Lights dim or flicker when you plug something else in
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Setting Your Panel Up for Success

If you aren’t sure whether your electrical panel is in good condition or needs to be replaced, get in touch with an experienced electrician. A qualified professional can evaluate your home’s power needs, assess the condition of your panel, and provide reliable advice about the best time to upgrade and the right new panel for your home. 

Maintaining a safe, functional electrical system may require:

  • Panel repair – If your panel feels hot to the touch, you hear strange noises or notice a burning smell, call right away for repair. 
  • Electrical panel replacement – Some electrical panel problems can’t be fixed and the panel will need to be replaced to prevent further trouble. 
  • A safety inspection – A professional inspection may be beneficial if you have noticed a problem or recently moved into a home and want to make sure everything is functioning properly. An inspection can identify and fix any potential trouble spots. 
  • New circuits installed – Installing something new, such as central air conditioning, a pool, or a large appliance may require a new circuit to meet the electrical requirements. 
  • Electrical panel upgrade – Upgrading your panel for optimal safety may include installing a new panel, whole house surge protectors, and GFCI safety interrupters. 

The electrical panel is among the most essential components of any electrical system. It is never a good idea to try to fix the electrical panel or install a new panel on your own. A small mistake can have devastating consequences, including electrical shock and fire. A licensed electrician is trained and equipped to safely handle electrical panels in Dracut. 

Call for an Inspection 

If you have noticed a problem with your electrical panel or think it may need an upgrade, we offer comprehensive services for electrical panels in Dracut from skilled and licensed electricians. We can inspect your panel to determine if it meets current code requirements and pinpoint anything that may need attention. 

Give us a call at (978) 307-8094 or fill out our online contact form to have your electrical panel inspected by a professional electrician. 

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