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Electrical Outlets & Switches in Dracut

Licensed & Insured Electricians 

At TF Electric, we understand the importance of working electrical outlets and switches. Whenever an outlet or switch isn’t working right, there is always an underlying issue that can cause much bigger problems. Our skilled electricians offer repair and replacement for electrical outlets and switches in Dracut and the Greater Dracut area. 

Please contact TF Electric at (978) 307-8094 for local electricians with a commitment to excellence. 

Making the Most of Your Outlets

The age of the home is another consideration when deciding whether to replace your electrical outlets and switches in Dracut. Electrical outlets wear out over time but there are things you can do to keep your electrical outlets and switches in good working condition. Monitor your electrical outlets to look for signs of a problem and follow a few steps to ensure years of reliable performance. 

You can help extend the life of outlets and switches by: 

  • Testing them monthly 
  • Using high-quality products 
  • Call a professional electrician when you notice a problem 

Whether you need an electrical switch replaced or an additional electrical outlet installed, let an experienced and qualified electrician handle the work. Electricity can be dangerous and attempting to install or replace electrical system components can be dangerous without the right training. 

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Maintaining Your Electrical Outlets & Switches

The electrical outlets and switches in your home supply power to lighting, appliances, and various electronics. Properly functioning electrical outlets are necessary for safe and reliable power for your home. If an outlet or switch isn’t working right, it may need to be repaired or replaced. 

Electrical outlets and switches may need to be replaced when: 

  • An outlet is dead – If an electrical outlet isn’t working at all or causes the circuit breaker to trip constantly, it probably needs to be replaced. 
  • Lights flicker on and off – When the lights flicker on and off or a switch works intermittently, it can be a problem with an electrical connection or the wiring in the switch. 
  • The switch won’t work – A switch that no longer works when you turn a light on or off most likely needs to be replaced. 
  • The outlet has only two prongs – Older homes may have outlets with two prongs instead of three. These outlets are missing a grounding hole, which is important for preventing electrical shock. Two pronged outlets should be replaced with three pronged ones. 
  • Sparks or smoke – Do you see sparks or smoke when you plug something in? Stop using the outlet and call for repair service. 
  • Plugs fall out of outlets – As electrical outlets age, the small springs that hold the plug into the outlet become worn out and loose. This results in plugs that fall out of the outlet. Loose plugs can increase heat and cause arcing, which can result in electrical fires. 
  • Burn marks on an outlet – Burn or scorch marks on the electrical outlet or outlets that feel warm to the touch may have damaged connections or wiring. 

Schedule Your Repair or Replacement 

If you need repair or replacement of electrical outlets and switches in Dracut, we have fully trained and experienced technicians to deliver quality service. We respect our customers and their homes. Our technicians arrive on time and treat your home with the care and attention to detail it deserves. 

Give us a call at (978) 307-8094 for electrical outlet repair or replacement. 

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